THE LĪpoa TRAIL System

Lipoa Maui Trails
Lipoa Maui Trails



Two winding trails surround the LĪPOA community and are open to the public for their enjoyment. The Lipoa Loop Trail is roughly 2.5 miles circumventing the LĪPOA community. The trail is easily accessible and offers a scenic and serene hiking experience for all levels of hikers.  

The Corral Trail is about a half mile and the shorter of the two trails ending near the golf course. This trail has unparalleled views to the West Maui Mountains. The trails follow old ranch roads and signage marks distance to help navigate the trail system. Dogs are welcome but should be leashed and picked up after. Trail walkers are asked to please take out any trash or waste they come across or bring along.  

View planes to the ocean and West Maui Mountains offer a peaceful respite. The trail is a hidden gem where families, hikers and those needing some time in nature can easily access the outdoors.
Parking for hikers is available at the start of both trail heads.

Don’t forget to swing by Maui Brewing Company for a post-hike celebratory drink and pūpū!

Lipoa Maui Community Bar