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Signature tenants within the Lipoa community – leading the industry in space and technology.

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Līpoa Creative

An incubation hub for entrepreneurs within the creative and tech industries.

Launched in 1991, LĪPOA—formerly the Maui Research & Technology Park—is a master-planned community that responds to Maui’s vision for an innovation future. The name has changed; the vision has not.


World class research and development has always anchored and continues to be at the core of innovation work and workforce at LĪPOA. Space domain awareness, astronomy, sensor development, disaster mitigation, artificial intelligence, supercomputing, software development and creative arts are all part of the existing and emerging fields at LĪPOA. The networking at LĪPOA among these specialists engaged in innovation is unparalleled on Maui.


In May 2022, the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron became one of the inaugural units of the U. S. Space Force’s Delta 2 located at LĪPOA. The Squadron significantly heightens the LĪPOA site on the national landscape. Its emerging Secure Integration Support Lab will further support the Squadron’s capabilities in cutting-edge research and development. This is just one of the entities at the forefront of the future of space technology in the evolving business core at LĪPOA. 

Real Estate



Commercial lots and office space are available in different parts of the LĪPOA Community, the only high-quality research and development site on the Island of Maui.

From commercial to professional, civic to residential – the options for development within LĪPOA are unlike any other location on Maui. Knowledge industry employment and supportive services including retail, service, office, government uses, live/work businesses on flex space lots and housing associated with educational institutions are all allowed within LĪPOA.

The planned village is envisioned with a town center gathering area surrounded by a mix of commercial, retail, restaurants and housing, all serving the LĪPOA community.


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A Competitive Choice

180,000 s.f. of Office and Industry Space

• Unmatched flexibility in permitted uses on Maui
  • US Foreign Trade Zone Status
  • Hawaii Enterprise Zone
  • Qualified Hub Zone
  • Robust telecommunications infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Lowest commercial and industrial property taxes in Hawaii
  • Readily available vacant lots and commercial space




In 2021, The Līpoa Creative was established was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to engage in education, economic development, and incubation for creative industries on the island of Maui.

In its continued efforts to stimulate economic diversification on Maui, The Līpoa Creative will work to develop a hub to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industry and technologies sector encompassing art, film, music, sound and theatre. In addition, The Līpoa Creative will provide technical assistance, training, facilities and equipment rentals for industry professionals.

Educational programs and opportunities will also be available to students in Maui high schools in video production, motion graphics, media analysis, animation, and computer programming.

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