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Lipoa Maui Community


Located on the slopes of Haleakala, between quiet pastureland and hum of Central Kihei, is LĪPOA – a master-planned community that responds to a vision for an innovation future on Maui. Just a few short miles from Maui’s world-renowned beaches and celebrated parks, LĪPOA is a community for the people of Maui embracing the best that Maui has to offer.

A place to work. A place to innovate. A place to call home.

LĪPOA—formerly the Maui Research & Technology Park

is a master-planned community that embraces innovation as it responds to the pursuit of a diversified economic future for Maui. In LĪPOA’s 30-year journey, pivotal commitments from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors enabled the vision to become a reality.

Today, the uniquely designed, 400-acre LĪPOA is unmatched as a location. It is now the venue for research and development and more. Nearly 800 residents work as contractors, specialists, entrepreneurs, academics, and service providers. Hundreds more converge regularly for meetings to collaborate on innovative world-class solutions. 

More compelling features are emerging as LĪPOA implements its Master Plan. Residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities will further enhance LĪPOA as a desirable and complete community. 

We welcome you and your business to LĪPOA. 
The place to live, work, and innovate.



LĪPOA will provide a range of housing types from affordable to market rate, including single-family homes and apartments. Initial home construction is slated to start in 2024 along with significant enhancements such as parks and neighborhood retail hubs.



Lipoa Maui Community

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