UPDATE: APRIL 22, 2024

Expansion of Lipoa Parkway to a four-lane roadway continues to make progress.  As part of the roadway work, Goodfellow Bros. is working with Hawaiian Electric Company to install electric lines and streetlights. Thereafter, sidewalks and landscaping will be installed. Paving the new roadway is expected in April.

Lipoa Parkway’s new makai-bound traffic lanes from Holopono Street to Hālelea Street is targeted for completion by the end of May.


Lipoa Parkway will be expanded from Holopono Street to Hālelea Street to provide a total of four travel lanes within the LĪPOA community, complete with bike lanes and sidewalks. Following completion of this work, LĪPOA’s center row of trademark monkeypod trees will line the grassy median that will separate the mauka and makai bound travel lanes. The two outermost rows of trees will line the north and south sides of the parkway, continuing to provide much-loved canopy over our walkways.

Goodfellow Bros. has already kicked off this work and has initiated drainage improvements in the area. Grading to construct the new makai bound section of the roadway is currently underway and targeted to be completed by end of March 2024. During this period, the area will be off limits to the public.

Construction will be ongoing Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm. Traffic control will be onsite as needed to mitigate intermittent delays to traffic flow. You may have noticed that a sidewalk fronting Maui Brewing Company along Lipoa Parkway was recently installed by Goodfellow Bros. in October — another incentive to walk on over to grab a bite and beer!