LĪPOA is proud to once again participate in the AMOS conference scheduled for September 19-22, 2023 at the Wailea Beach Marriott as key sponsor.

AMOS, the acronym for Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS), is the premier technical conference in the nation devoted to space situational awareness/space domain awareness.  This 24th annual event continues to grow in stature and scope bringing together a cross section of private sector, government, and academic participation.
Participating companies and industries represent cutting edge entities on this new Space sector. LĪPOA, home to several companies both private and public that have vested interest in this arena, has become a regional hub for the space sustainability and space commerce business.  With its central location for businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs, LĪPOA is a master-planned community that embraces innovation as it responds to the pursuit of a diversified economic future for Maui.
For additional information on the conference or to register click here.